Humor by Chason Gordon. See below.

Some Writing

Moving from soccer player to referee, I gained an education in rejection – The Globe and Mail

Crackers Should Stop Trying to Be Chips – Paste Magazine

An Inside Look at Trader Joe’s Notorious Canadian Knock-Off – Seattle Weekly

Why No Ketchup Chips, America? – Literally Humor

Harbor Island Is Where the Machines Will Rise Up Against the Humans – Seattle Weekly

On the Phrase “No Worries” – Thought Catalog

Another Giant Yacht Is Docked On The Waterfront – Capitol Hill Times

Apple Juice, Deconstructed – Seattle Weekly

How to Deal with an Ant Problem – Thought Catalog

The Quest for Your Hometown Food in Seattle – Seattle Weekly

What’s Up with the ZymoGenetics Building? – City Arts

Let’s Make a Gingerbread House! – Thought Catalog

Human Foosball is a Thing – The Capitol Hill Times

A Peek Inside Olympia’s First, and Only, Strip Club – Seattle Weekly

A Meditation On a Stray Jar of Cheese Balls – Capitol Hill Times

We’re Going to Need More Men – Splitsider

You Can Buy a Ticket to Space in Gig Harbor – Seattle Weekly

7 Halloween Costume Ideas Based on Local Hot Topics – Seattle Magazine

McGinn: Decent Docent – City Arts

The Vaguely Defined, But Very Real Dance Tax – The Capitol Hill Times

A Review of Seattle’s First Parklet – The Capitol Hill Times

A Review of the Seattle New Year’s Fireworks – Seattle Weekly

Don’t Eat the Architecture – City Arts Magazine

Seattle’s Top 10 Tiny Restaurants – Seattle Weekly

Observing the Construction of a McDonald’s – The Big Jewel

So You Heard Your Neighbors Having Sex – Thought Catalog

I Am Poutine – City Arts Magazine

Computer Recycling: A Love Story Comic – Capitol Hill Times Magazine

10 Reasons to Give Aurora Another Chance – Seattle Weekly

Pierogi Like Family – City Arts Magazine

Ten Things You Should See in a Heist Film – Sound on Sight

Ranked: Terrence Malick Films from Worst to Best – Nerve

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