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Hey, Don’t Pull Yourself In Closer to Me After I Stab You with My Sword! – Robot Butt

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We’re Going to Need More Men – Vulture

To the Spider Clinging for Life on My Side View Mirror – Robot Butt

Moving from soccer player to referee, I gained an education in rejection – The Globe and Mail

How to Irrationally Punch a Wall – Ask Men

How to Cope When You’ve Been Catfished by Your Favorite Delivery Spot – Vice

Here’s Why A&W Tastes Better in Canada Than It Does in the US – Paste

The Moment in Adulthood When You Realize Your Parents’ Cooking Kind of Sucks – Vice

Washington schools should reopen because my neighbors’ kids are loud – MyNorthwest

Actually, We Should All Have to Watch the Same In-Flight Movie at the Same Time – Vice

Pacific Science Center: The best place in Seattle to be murdered? – Crosscut

Requiem for the last Arby’s in Seattle – Seattle Refined

Replace Your Every Human Need With Neuro Water – Extra Crispy

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Pop-up ads are trying to shame you – Input

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Cartoon #1 at The Syrup Trap

Cartoon #2 at The Syrup Trap

Cartoon #3 at The Syrup Trap

Editorial Cartoon at Seattle Weekly